MISSION Salutes Ian Hibell

(photo by Nic Henderson)
Ian Hibell, a legendary endurance cyclist, was killed this past August by a hit and run driver in Greece.  He was 74.
Using two wheels to begin his exploration of the world, Ian set out on his journey in 1963 on what was initially supposed to be a two year sabbatical.  His [...]

Charlie Engle’s Twitter Feed is Live

If running across the United States in record time is something you can’t fathom,  and most of us can’t, imagine being able to get into the mind of someone who is.  Charlie Engle, one of the co-founders of MISSION Product famous for running acrcoss the Sahara Desert in 111 consecutive days, is running across the [...]

Why I Co-Founded MISSION Product

I have been beating up my body for many years. But I have always tried my best to protect my skin, the body’s largest organ. Since the skin is directly exposed to the environment, it plays a critical role in protecting the body against pathogens.
In my 30 plus years of training and [...]