MISSION Product was born when ultra-endurance athlete Charlie Engle needed a product that could keep up with his demands and the grueling terrain he crosses. After 111 consecutive days in the Sahara Desert, he said, “In my 30 plus years of training and competing, there has never been a skin care product that has met my needs.” MISSION quickly discovered that he wasn’t alone.

Charlie Engle and two-time MVP basketball player Steve Nash were the first of a growing number of professional athletes to team up with world-class scientists to develop and engineer MISSION’s high-performance skincare products. The result is an entirely new category in skincare: by athletes, for athletes. If our sunscreen can protect Charlie Engle on his 111 day run across the Sahara, imagine what it can do for you.

MISSION isn’t only about protecting your skin. We’re also about protecting the earth you live on. MISSION Product makes an impact off the field by proudly supporting the charities of its athletes – from providing drinkable water in Africa to fighting global warming. MISSION is free of preservatives and irritants, and is animal cruelty-free.

Just like our products, this blog is for – and by – athletes and sports enthusiasts. Not just the pro athletes who are MISSION partners, but anyone who uses MISSION Product. So yea, you’ll see postings from two-time MVP Steve Nash, but you’ll also hear from rec league warriors. And they’ll hear from you, too.