MISSION Salutes Ian Hibell

(photo by Nic Henderson)

Ian Hibell, a legendary endurance cyclist, was killed this past August by a hit and run driver in Greece.  He was 74.

Using two wheels to begin his exploration of the world, Ian set out on his journey in 1963 on what was initially supposed to be a two year sabbatical.  His feats include:

- The first man to ride pole to pole (Africa to Alaska)

- Covering 6,000 miles a year for 40 years (the distance from the Earth to the Moon)

- Exploring areas of the African jungle, having his tent eaten by ants, and being sniffed by a lion

We salute Ian Hibell, and wish his family the best.

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A true hero. We keep losing the good ones.

Posted by Ross on 5 September 2008 @ 10am

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