Charlie Engle’s Twitter Feed is Live

If running across the United States in record time is something you can’t fathom,  and most of us can’t, imagine being able to get into the mind of someone who is.  Charlie Engle, one of the co-founders of MISSION Product famous for running acrcoss the Sahara Desert in 111 consecutive days, is running across the U.S. begining September 13th.

Charlie will be Twittering his psychological and physiological developments as his race to beat the time for running the U.S. evolves.  He will need to finish the race in 45 days to beat the record!

Click here to see Charlie’s Twitter feed, or just go to  He’s already Twittering about the things he’s thinking about and doing before the race commences.

We’re looking forward to seeing his internal monolgue as he pushes his body to the limits day in day out.

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