Amanda Beard on MISSION Product

The AP recently talked to Amanda about why she chose to partner with MISSION Product, the first and only athlete engineered skincare line. We wanted to share what Amanda revealed to the press about her affinity towards skincare products and MISSION Product.

“I was always wondering why athletes didn’t get more involved with developing products. I have tried every sunblock out there and I don’t care how water resistant it says they are, I still would get sunburned by the end of practices. So when MISSION Product approached me about joining their team, for me it wasn’t about just endorsing a product, but being able to get involved with testing the products and creating them to suit and actual athletic lifestyle.

My whole life I have been obsessed with skin care and beauty. I love getting facials and reading books on dermatology and learning about how to keep your skin healthy. My boyfriend always jokes with me that I should have gone to school for it, but what I have always wanted to do is develop my own line of skin care. For me it was because I was always in the sun and pool and it wreaked havoc on my hair and skin. I literally have tried almost every product available from over the counter to prescription to high end line of products.

We have a sunblock stick already on the line and I love it, it will stay on for hours and I can even put it on under my makeup. Also we have a revive gel that I like to apply after I get out of the pool to help restore ph in my skin and it helps for me to be able to take away that flushed look I get after practice. We are currently working on a bunch of new products that we will launch after the Olympics and I am having them send me a new product to my hotel in Singapore to test out. No matter where I am or what I am doing this product has my name associated with it and I help design it so I want it to be to my level of satisfaction!!!!!”


I know EXACTLY what Amanda is saying here. Skin care products are focused on beauty, not function. I love the idea of functional skincare for sports enthusiasts and athletes of all sizes.

Can’t wait to try it!

Posted by Melissa on 15 August 2008 @ 10am

I agree with MG. Great product!

Posted by Cory on 20 August 2008 @ 2pm

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