Why I Co-Founded MISSION Product

I have been beating up my body for many years. But I have always tried my best to protect my skin, the body’s largest organ. Since the skin is directly exposed to the environment, it plays a critical role in protecting the body against pathogens.

In my 30 plus years of training and competing, there has never been a skincare product that has met my needs. I heard similar stories from athletes across all sports, men and women, young and old. From amateur walkers and runners to world-class professionals, athletes all faced the same problems; sunscreens that wouldn’t stay on and would sting their eyes, moisturizers that left them feeling greasy and anti-friction products that needed constant reapplication.

After years of looking for skin care products that would work for me, I finally decided to just design my own. Why not? I have been in some pretty hot/cold/wet/dry places. Because I am a better runner than a businessman, I was smart enough to find some partners that actually knew how to take my idea and turn it into something real. The result is MISSION Product, the world’s first athlete-engineered skincare company.

Okay, so that’s all for now. As always, I would like to remind you to DO SOMETHING NOW!! I am often asked “why” I choose to do these crazy adventures. I have learned that, for me, personal growth and change only comes thru suffering. Of course if that’s really true, I should already be pretty enlightened. Oh well, I just have to keep moving forward and see what happens. See you along the way.

- Charlie Engle

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