We Love Customer Feedback

We at MISSION Product are always striving to make sure that we’re making the best athletic skin product possible, which is why we love to hear from people who are using it! We know this is a shameless plug, but who cares, its great stuff!

“So in a world where great sizzle doesn’t necessarily mean great steak, it is nice to find something that gets it right on both fronts. Yes, the folks at MISSION Product can talk the talk, but, to their credit, they can also walk the walk. And, then, after the walk, they’ll make your skin feel better.” - Brian Gotta

“Now, I have never used a foot cream or gel before in my life. I never felt the need to, really, and I’ve always just tough out any foot problems. But ever since the 10k race I did two months ago, my feet have been totally trashed with blisters, calluses and dryness which have not healed! This Foot Synergy Gel felt just great going on. I used it before my cycling time trial, and am continuing to apply it before workouts and after my shower. I would buy this product.” - Carol Scheible

“All of these products are moderately priced for the amount per unit, and the fact that they last a decent while if used properly makes it very probable I’ll buy the line again when my review samples run out.” - Tracy Korn

“The MISSION Product Revive Gel would do wonders for our skin after having been out in the elements. My husband’s skin and my own take a beating and almost seem thirsty after being out in the wind.” - Jennifer Barnett

These are just a few of our fans, but now we want to hear from you! If you’re using MISSION Product, and you love, or hate it (we hope not), send us a message. We’d love to know what you think and may even post your review!

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